Dear Colleagues

Greetings from Asian Society for Emergency Medicine.

Emergency Medicine has evolved from just being a specialty to mandatory health agenda across the globe. On May 30, 2019 Delegates to the 72nd World Health Assembly have adopted a resolution on emergency and trauma care to foster and to ensure timely care for the acutely ill and injured in member countries. We know that more than half of deaths in low- and middle-income countries result from conditions that could be treated with effective prehospital and emergency care, which includes injuries; infections; complications of pregnancy, acute exacerbations of cancer, diabetes and other noncommunicable diseases.

Within Asia, the member countries are facing similar challenges as well as threats from natural disasters and climate change, which is becoming a formidable threat to maintain safety net during crisis and public health emergency situations. Building robust emergency services for day to day operations and managing issues like overcrowding, surge, skill gaps will pay a good dividend to manage these crises. Asian Society for Emergency Medicine, its member countries and other nations within Asia will work together towards the goal of developing a resilient emergency care ecosystem to provide safe and effective emergency care during all times.

One of the objectives of our society is to promote the science and art of Emergency Medicine in Asia. The Board members and the member societies remain committed to this goal and will be willing to assist countries within Asia to develop emergency medicine as specialty and emergency care as component of healthcare services. The art of emergency medicine is also one of the ethos to be nurtured within the EM community of our continent as compassion will always reflect as a true power of healing along with science of emergency medicine.

My fellow Emergency Physicians and all other members of emergency care community, you have profound impact on life of people, whom we serve at the time of emergency or crisis. We must rise above all challenges and serve the humanity.

Dr. Prof. Tamorish Kole

President (2019 – 2021)

Asian Society for Emergency Medicine